Chapter 12: Eye of the Storm

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Chapter 12: Eye of the Storm is a chapter in Dark Deity.


"Benji's always ready!" But are you ready for the spoilers contained in this section?

This chapter begins with Maren comforting Irving over his brother's death. Due to the blast, Irving's hair has become black, and he has been recovering in Swift Harbor for two days. In these two days, Vesta has found voyage to Izn's Hope, and reveals a shocking truth to Irving. Irving's father, Alastair, is a prominent member of the Order of Eternals. Determined to deliver the grave news of Sterling's death to his father, Irving and the rest of the party set sail for Verroa. The ship is driven by Captain Ford, and is also carrying two travelers named Monroe and Iris. Before the ship makes it to Verroa, it is suddenly attacked by Storm Spirits. As such, all of the ship's passengers must work together to defend the vessel.

After defeating the storm spirits, Iris reveals that the ship may have been attacked due to her adept blood. Fortunately, Bianca and Elias calm her fears by explaining they are adepts as well. Once the situation is settled, Monroe and Iris decide to temporarily tag along with the party.

"End of spoilers."

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