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Inventory and Trading

A unit can hold up to 4 items including Food and Eternal Aspects. Unlike in other similar games, trading can be done anywhere on the map. No units need to be adjacent, and it doesn't take up an action. The only requirement is that both units involved in the trade must have an action available.


Name Effect Flavor Text Cost
Blood Orange Restores 10 HP A delicious orange 40
Vorrin Tuber Restores 20 HP A grimy potato from the harsh climate of Kharmont 60
Crab Cake Restores 30 HP Never trust an inland crab cake 90
Aramor Oysters Restores 40 HP Require extreme talent to consume during battle 130
Corn on the Cob Restores 50 HP Many Delians feel a sense of pride regarding high quality corn 180
Leg of Mutton Restores 60 HP Best consumed in a single bite Unknown
Holy Water Restores 70 HP You aren't really supposed to drink it, but it's quite good Unknown
Enchanted Bacon Restores 80 HP Produced by Enchanted Farms in Neullais. Not actually magical Unknown
Lavelle Cheesesteak Restores 90 HP They make them in Sojourn too, but they just aren't the same Unknown
Sparkling Mead Restores 100 HP Frequently outlawed in eastern coastal towns Unknown
Spicy Meatball Restores 40% of max HP Caution: Hot Unknown
Garlic Bread Restores 80% of max HP Somehow still warm and toasty Unknown
Fizzly Drink Restores 100% of max HP Tastes like it might cause health issues for
future Delia

Stat Boosters

Name Effect Flavor Text Cost
Guga Steak Increases HP by 5 points Well marbled, cooked sous-vide in the most advanced cooking tech 5000
Raw Egg Increases Strength by 2 points Crack it and snack it. Only for the heartiest of heroes 5000
Avocado Toast Increases Magic by 2 points All the rage among the youth in Vorrin right now 5000
Jar of Milk Increases Defense by 2 points Are you really going to just drink that all? 5000
Dwarven Stew Increases Fortitude by 2 points The stew itself isn't nutritional, but the experience surely is 5000
Naja Fishlog Increases Dexterity by 2 points Eat with funny little sticks that improve hand-eye coordination 5000
Exquisite Wine Increases Mastery by 2 points Does it really increase Mastery if you don't tell everyone about it? 5000
Hot Bean Juice Increases Speed by 2 points Something about this stimulating mixture makes you want to sprint 5000
Dragon Jerky Increases Luck by 2 points Surprisingly small portion for the container it came in 5000

Weapon Tokens

Weapon Tokens are the currency required to upgrade weapons. They are both buyable and droppable by enemies.

Tier Cost
Tier 1 350
Tier 2 850
Tier 3 2200
Tier 4 6000

Eternal Aspects

Eternal Aspects are equippable items that give buffs to the wielder. The effects can range from a simple stat swap to randomly influencing damage done. Only one can be equipped at a time, but they are freely tradeable between units that haven't ended their turn.

Name Effect Origins
Aethe's Chill Grants 40% resistance to fire magic Complete Chapter 15
Almadessa's Glade Fortitude +10 with no adjacent allies Complete Chapter 15
Altum's Descent Dodge increased by 30% of Strength Complete Chapter 10
Ancara’s Glow Luck depleted to increase Power, Dodge, and True Speed. Complete Chapter 15
Ayn’s Premonition True Speed is doubled when unit is below 30% HP Complete Chapter 15
Cassara's Blaze 10% chance to deal 1.5x damage Comes with Sara
Chamden’s Flux Damage is affected a random amount up to + or - 30% Complete Chapter 3
Darmena's Kiss 50% of Crit and Power are swapped Complete Chapter 15
Ellis' Light Healing power increased by 50% Comes with Samara
Faine's Judgment Bonded units within 2 tiles increase Power by 5% Comes with Vesta
Hecleon's Pride Enemies are much more likely to attack the holder Complete Chapter 10
Huss' Hush Nearby enemies deal 15% less magic damage Comes with Helena
Innileth's Scale Defense and Strength are swapped Complete Chapter 15
Izn's Hope Grants 40% resistance to holy magic Complete Chapter 15
Jahno's Stupor Dodge reduced by 60%, Defense and Fortitude increased by 10 Complete Chapter 15
Kaithir's Promise Counterattack damage increased by 25% Complete Chapter 10
Kitara's Chord Accuracy and Dodge are swapped Complete Chapter 15
Koeli's Spirit Defense and Fortitude are swapped Complete Chapter 15
Kyne's Passage Each turn grants a 1% buff to Advanced Stats Complete Chapter 10
Linhera's Whisper Power and True Speed are swapped Complete Chapter 10
Malice’s Suffering Crit increased by 30%, Defense and Fortitude halved. Complete Chapter 15
Manos' Fury Hit Rate is always 50%, Power increased by 50% Complete Chapter 15
Njallum's Heritage Mastery increased by 20% Complete Chapter 15
Orion's Pursuit Hit chance increased by 15% Comes with Brooke
Pelagiel's Flash If doubling, second attack deals 25% increased damage Comes with Maeve
Prisbel's Rumble Grants 40% resistance to storm magic Complete Chapter 15
Quintare's Quill Mastery and Luck are swapped Complete Chapter 15
Samaran's Shade Enemies are significantly less likely to attack the holder Complete Chapter 15
Sarathel's Sight Attacks mark enemies, increasing damage taken by 10% for 1 turn Complete Chapter 15
Shamac's Tide Dodging heals for 5 HP Comes with Ford
Soleric's Rally Attacking and defeating an enemy heals nearby allies for 10% HP Complete Chapter 15
Theron's Passion Critting increases Crit chance by 1% for the rest of the level Comes with Aurima
Varden’s Arbor 15% of cumulative weapon stats go to extra Power Complete Chapter 10
Vigmar's Charge Kills grant 2% power til the end of chapter Comes with Thae'Lanel
Vosh's Sanguination Adds 10% of Max HP to Advanced Stats; max bonus of 8 Comes with Monroe
Yl'andra's Font Power +20% Comes with Liberty
Yl'mar's Faith Grants 40% resistance to arcane magic Complete Chapter 10
Yl'undera's Drift Magic depleted to increase Defense and Fortitude Complete Chapter 15
Zeltar's Flight Strength and Speed are swapped Complete Chapter 10
Ziegrich's Luminance Half of Mastery is added to Accuracy Comes with Corvan