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Sara is the eldest daughter of Serenity Rhoane, the sister of King Rhoane of Aramor. She and her younger sibling, Samara, grew up in the ornate and luxurious halls of the royal palace in Oasis. While a royal life came with high expectations for both the girls, as Serenity’s firstborn, Sara’s childhood was notably less carefree than her younger sister’s. She never went too long without a reminder of the position she occupied: 4th in line for the Aramoran throne.

Knowing that she may well end up the next queen of Aramor, Sara threw herself into her studies at an exceptionally young age. As Samara grew into her own role, the two became as thick as thieves, rarely spending a moment apart. They were proud of their relationship as siblings, as to a degree it went against national customs of rivalry. They were each talented in their own way, and as best friends they each helped the other improve. Sara credits this early understanding of cooperation with her attitudes toward ruling fairly now.

Samara’s eager support helped her make ample time and energy for the study of politics, foreign customs, and statecraft. Though she combed over many books on the subject in the royal library, her favorite read time and time again was a collection of legendary tales contained in The Exploits of Prince Illicius the Just. She admired the prince’s advocacy for the needs of commoners, and her own advocacy mirrored what she read. On several occasions, she stuck her neck out for her people in ways that raised the eyebrows of the king, but only swelled the hearts and numbers of her supporters. Both Sara and her sister are among the royal favorites in Aramor.

The Exploits of Prince Illicius the Just also told of mysterious artifacts — arcane stones said to represent the manifestation of a god’s power in the physical world. Her tutor, Talia, a warm and maternal academic who Sara spent more time with than her own mother, brushed the interest aside as a child’s “natural interest in faerie legend.” But Sara scoured the royal treasury for anything bearing resemblance to the ancient stones.

In secret, she sent sketches of these artifacts to an acquaintance she once made in her mother’s court, a traveling moon-elf with an interest in ancient histories. His own investigation into the subject brought him to the kingdom of Delia, where rumors of the objects had resurfaced. On more than one occasion, he advised Sara to keep the subject of one of her sketches closely guarded, and he promised to drop in for a visit when his research had concluded. Shortly thereafter, when Sara’s interest in the artifacts and legends burned as hotly as ever, her communications with the moon elf were severed by the outbreak of war.

Serenity, who had been viewing Sara's communications without her knowledge, began the search for protection. She had long known that Sara's thirst for knowledge would potentially become her undoing, and she simply couldn't allow that. After a thorough comb over some extremely dangerous individuals, she settled on an assassin from Kharmont, known by locals solely as Brooke. Serenity's spies had tracked her work for some time, but were unsure whether they had the right mark. To Serenity's surprise, this spelled the end of her search. Brooke took her up on the offer, and has been Sara and Samara's bodyguard for several months now.

Now armed with more discreet protection, Sara and Samara continue to research these artifacts despite Aramor's descent into conflict with Delia. Serenity fears their fixations will lead them into danger, but trusts her daughters to handle themselves. Just as no king rules forever, no child can be held forever safe. It eases her conscience that the trio of Brooke, Sara, and Samara could handle nearly any threat to cross them with ease. Between Sara's magical prowess, Samara's penchant for healing magic, and Brooke's deadly precision, they are as fearsome a group of scholars as one could find.

In Gameplay

Base Stats

Lvl HP Str Mag Def For Dex Mas Spd Lck
Magician 15 39 5 14 8 14 17 12 18 8
Arcanist 15 40 5 19 10 12 12 14 12 12
Conjurer 15 41 5 16 13 10 16 14 12 14
Battlemage 15 40 5 14 17 16 14 8 11 12


HP Str Mag Def For Dex Mas Spd Lck
Personal 25% 10% 35% 25% 25% 35% 25% 35% 25%

Mage 55% 10% 75% 40% 55% 60% 50% 60% 50%
Magician 55% 10% 60% 35% 60% 70% 50% 75% 35%
Arcanist 60% 10% 80% 40% 50% 50% 60% 50% 50%
Conjurer 65% 10% 65% 55% 40% 65% 60% 50% 60%
Battlemage 60% 10% 60% 65% 60% 60% 35% 45% 50%
Illusionist 50% 10% 55% 35% 60% 80% 50% 80% 35%
Wizard 60% 10% 85% 35% 50% 50% 65% 50% 40%
Pyromancer 70% 10% 70% 60% 35% 65% 50% 60% 65%
Aegis 60% 10% 60% 70% 60% 60% 40% 45% 50%

Personal Skill - Royal Decree: Attacking leaves a mark on enemies increasing damage taken by 10%