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Caius grew up an orphan in the oasis town of Concordio, Aramor. A semi-rural town filled to the brim with orphans and rejects, survival was first come, first serve. Caius, a gentle soul, felt out of place rather quickly. Though far from other important Aramoran settlements, Concordio was a major trade hub for caravans coming from the far south of the Kingdom. Most of the destitute children residing there resorted to theft to feed themselves. Caius was determined to do better.

He generally slept under a rickety lean-to on the side of the Galleon, one of the local general stores that supplied caravans before their long journey north or south. The owner was well aware of this, and would occasionally slip him food that wouldn't make it to tomorrow's store opening. Caius eventually learned the man's name was Halisca, and that he had once been a Concordian Orphan himself. They became friends, with Caius running minor errands for him.

Curious one day, Caius asked if he could try out one of the hunting bows that Halisca carried in his store. Though arrows were valuable with such little wood around, Halisca had learned to fletch arrows from the bones of wildlife around Concordio. He decided to teach Caius the art, and gave him 20 arrows to begin with. He said that he would never give Caius another arrow, and that if he broke too many without taking an animal down to make more with, he would be out of luck. Caius reveled in the challenge, finding the 'game' more fun than any of the minor tasks that generally came to him.

Over the next week, Caius trained his aim with sticks of various sizes in lieu of arrows, resolving that he wouldn't run out. When he felt ready, he set out to find living targets. Not far away from the store, he came across a desert fox, sleeping under the shade of a overhanging rock. Caius spent nearly 10 minutes readying himself for the shot, knowing that if he missed the fox would get away. When at last he felt ready to shoot, he did it in one clean motion, with no hesitation, just like Halisca had shown him. He shot true, and killed the fox. Filled immediately with both the rush of success and sadness that he had taken a life, Caius felt conflicted. He gathered the carcass and headed back to the store to show Halisca.

Halisca, who knew the conflict all too well, did his best to walk Caius through accepting the reality of hunting. He rationalized it in terms of saving those smaller animals that the fox would have fed on, which seemed to calm Caius down. It took some time, but it eventually set in that death was all around him regardless of his own pursuits.  It helped that Halisca taught him to use every possible piece of the animal - constantly preaching to leave nothing to waste. Caius crafted several new arrows from the fox, with Halisca's help, and headed back out the next day. He steeled himself for the next kill, and no longer felt sick to his stomach when it came.

Several years passed, with Caius becoming a well known and successful hunter. He made himself and Halisca huge sums of money with the volume of furs and meat he brought back, and had an enormous hoard of bone arrows. Having carved out a life for himself, Caius was satisfied. He began to run a benefit fund for the orphans in Concordio, keeping them fed and clothed as long as they kept on the right side of the law. It wasn't long before he was a pillar of the community. When Caius was 22, Aramoran army recruiters came through town with a proposition that interested him. They were putting together an elite force of some of the most capable fighters they could find, and he had made their list. Turns out the team needed a marksman.

Though he found it hard to say goodbye to his life and Halisca's friendship, he bade farewell to everything he had known and built, and left the next day to return to Oasis with the recruiters. He joined the force, which was nicknamed the Lull by other Aramoran soldiers, and spent the next year training in various warfare techniques. He was exceptional in the use of several different weapons, and developed a sharp eye for tactics. During this time, his marksmanship never stopped improving. The Lull was commissioned specifically to stop threats quietly and efficiently. When dissident factions threatened to rise or important nobles were held hostage, Aramor began sending the Lull to curb the issue or extract important assets.

Caius grew close with his comrades, but spent most of his free time in solitude. He had for the most part grown up that way, and it was simply how he preferred it. He's spent the last several years with the Lull, completing complex strikes and protecting those who can't protect themselves. In this, Caius has grown satisfied and fulfilled, feeling like he has achieved something important out of the questionable origins of his youth.

In Gameplay

Base Stats

Lvl HP Str Mag Def For Dex Mas Spd Lck
Archer 12 35 19 2 9 9 14 10 13 7
Drifter 12 38 12 2 13 12 12 9 13 13
Strider 12 34 17 2 9 12 16 8 19 6
Witch Hunter 12 36 15 2 16 16 13 6 12 7


HP Str Mag Def For Dex Mas Spd Lck
Personal 30% 40% 0% 30% 30% 30% 15% 45% 10%

Ranger 75% 90% 5% 55% 55% 55% 40% 70% 35%
Archer 60% 90% 0% 45% 45% 65% 50% 60% 35%
Drifter 75% 60% 0% 60% 55% 55% 45% 60% 60%
Strider 55% 80% 0% 45% 55% 75% 40% 90% 20%
Witch Hunter 65% 70% 0% 75% 75% 60% 30% 55% 35%
Blade Dancer 45% 80% 0% 40% 55% 75% 40% 90% 20%

Personal Skill - Pull Up: Accuracy +20% after moving.