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Benji Bestenklaas Jr. grew up in Redhill, Delia. The son of moderately successful corn farmers, Benji spent most of his youthful hours working on the farm. With two siblings and loving parents, Benji's family rarely had company, and none of them felt burdened by the fact. One of the most common Bestenklaas family sayings was "Family comes first," and it came out of every mouth in the household with regularity. As a child, Benji rarely complained if extra hours worked led to him not seeing his friends that week. As time moved on, and his responsibilities increased, rarely turned into never. Extra hours meant extra gains, and Benji was impressed with the results.

His siblings, Bela and Bobby, dreamed of city life. They wanted to see the Spire in Sojourn and eat delicacies beneath its shadow. In his youth, their father had fought in the Neullaisian border war. They spent many nights around the table discussing Benji Senior's exploits in war - tales that included excessive conquest and skill. The yearly pension from the Delian army was always accepted with pride in the Bush household, even though the single skirmish Benji Sr. participated in barely qualified him for the benefit. The kids didn't know that, of course, and what Bela and Bobby saw for exaggeration, Benji took for humility.

Bela began to disconnect from the family dynamic when she entered her early teenage years. She was too old to understand her brothers' blind admiration for their father, yet young enough to hold it against them. She resented every hour spent on the farm, increasingly yearning for city life. Though Bobby was a year younger than Benji Jr., his disillusionment for farm life grew at a much faster pace. When Bela was finally ready to fly the coop, Bobby wasn't far behind. Caught between his love for his siblings and admiration for his father, Benji elected to spend even more time working - away from any conversations of “betrayal” he didn't want to hear.

Long, solitary hours in the field began to affect both Benji's body and mind. With Bela off to the capital and Bobby traveling, Benji was accounting for more work than ever. His muscles constantly grew, to the point where he would wear his father's old armor while working just to feel the effort. When the Neullaisian troupes rolled through Redhill for the summer fairs, Benji frequently competed in their competitions of strength. Word spread like wild weeds among the farmers of the strongest boy in Redhill's long history. Benji began to make friends.

Benji Sr. encouraged it, allowing Benji to take plenty of time off to socialize. As far he was concerned, his son should be the most popular kid in Redhill. Neither seemed to notice that a large portion of the time Benji spent talking with friends was also spent helping them with their farmwork. In Redhill, if needs to be done, you don't sit by and talk idly. Benji thought nothing of it, glad to be heaped with compliments. As he gained in confidence over his budding strength, his sights set to conquest - just like his father. He began wearing his father's armor when out and about, proud of his family legacy. Benji Jr. began to dream of telling Benji the 3rd his own stories of conquest. All he needs now is the right opportunity.

In Gameplay

Base Stats

Lvl HP Str Mag Def For Dex Mas Spd Lck
Knight 10 54 19 2 11 8 10 11 7 11
Barbarian 10 35 16 2 9 9 12 6 11 13
Defender 10 40 15 2 17 11 9 9 5 13
Dragoon 10 38 15 2 10 14 12 6 9 16


HP Str Mag Def For Dex Mas Spd Lck
Personal 50% 50% 0% 30% 30% 30% 10% 10% 45%

Warrior 95% 85% 0% 60% 40% 60% 35% 35% 60%
Knight 100% 100% 0% 60% 40% 55% 60% 35% 60%
Barbarian 75% 85% 0% 45% 45% 65% 20% 60% 70%
Defender 100% 80% 0% 90% 60% 45% 45% 15% 70%
Dragoon 90% 80% 0% 55% 75% 65% 30% 45% 85%
Champion 100% 95% 0% 65% 40% 55% 45% 25% 60%
Berserker 75% 80% 0% 40% 55% 65% 20% 60% 75%
Sentinel 100% 80% 0% 80% 80% 45% 50% 15% 70%
Dragon Knight 90% 75% 0% 60% 60% 60% 40% 35% 75%

Personal Skill - Literally the Best: Every unit with a lower level increases crit chance by 0.33.