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Born to a fishing family in Hao'Fen, Naja, Wren was one of ten children. He and his family lived in a big house on the eastern shores of Lake Hao'Fen, and spent all of their time together - though the family had not always had such accommodations. Wren's family had been in the same spot for many generations, fishing and slowly growing. With each generation seemed to come an even higher number of children. Wren was the runt of his family, a tiny little thing amidst 10 powerful siblings built to ply the land. Though most in his family expected to stay at home and build on to the family compound with their own family, Wren felt isolated for most of his childhood due to his stature and temperament. He resented being the worst at family work, and it grated away on him. His family would prod him only in jest, but it ate away at him nonetheless, becoming his biggest insecurity. When he was old enough, he left home to find his calling in the nearby city of Hao'Fen. Once he had found a place to stay while he got his bearings, Wren took to taking night walks around the city to acquaint himself before deciding how he wanted to move forward. On one walk, he happened across an unusual sight - a woman dressed in all black leaping from one rooftop to the next with a certain grace that he could see even from afar in the night. He continued his night walks, hoping to catch more glimpses. He was not disappointed.

Hao'Fen, much like Vorrin in Kharmont, is a bustling hub for the assassination trade - known by locals as wetworking. In Naja, the only social repercussions for hiring killers is the money you lost in doing so. Avoiding assassination is part and parcel to life as anyone of importance in Hao'Fen. As Wren continued on his nightly ventures, he witnessed this in action more than most ever would. He took to following those he suspected were involved in wetworking, and observing their bloody time in the night. His time observing murder taught him the value of his own stealth, but also the merits of a properly timed strike, a well planned exit, and a good alibi. He would hear tell in Taverns the next day of the death he had witnessed firsthand. However, Wren was not the only one watching on those nights. He was approached by a liaison of sorts, someone involved with the wetworking community that remained anonymous. They asked after his intent. Was he a spy, a scholar, or a fool? Perhaps all three. His answer was unexpected - he wished to learn. Wren spent the next 20 years becoming an assassin of superb renown (with those he allowed to know him, of course) and honing his expertise. His early experiences taught him to never enter a situation less prepared than the other party, and since the time of his first few jobs - fraught with perilous errors - he almost never made mistakes. He grew physically into the powerful physique of his family, simply at an older age than his siblings - whom he still visited - had.

His abilities grew to the point that he had ample money and time to do whatever he wished - though truthfully neither was of much interest to him. What Wren craved was to continue improving. His particular dread was that of the plateau, that he had reached the peak of his abilities and would no longer be able to learn and improve. In a line of work as complex and performance driven as his own, he had grown to love honing his skills above anything else. He began to make routine jobs more difficult than need be, and teaching younger wetworkers some of what he knew. However, it was dangerous to get too close with another assassin, especially in Hao'Fen, and Wren had made more than his share of enemies. He decided to take on bounty hunting in his spare time, larger scale jobs that sent him far from home. It was a different set of skills, something to master anew - though not without considerable overlap. His time out of the city reminded him that there was much more to the world than the sprawling slums of Hao'Fen, and he began to enjoy leaving the city more and more. He continued taking bounty jobs, with his most recent job taking him to the Towering Weald to assassinate a key member of a wandering Sylvan tribe.

In Gameplay

Base Stats

Lvl HP Str Mag Def For Dex Mas Spd Lck
Stalker 25 52 14 3 10 10 26 26 26 14
Thief 25 46 14 3 10 13 29 21 29 11
Duelist 25 58 14 3 21 11 27 30 22 13
Raider 25 56 21 3 13 13 21 19 26 11


HP Str Mag Def For Dex Mas Spd Lck
Personal 20% 20% 0% 15% 15% 50% 50% 50% 10%

Rogue 45% 40% 0% 30% 45% 85% 80% 75% 45%
Stalker 50% 45% 0% 30% 30% 80% 80% 80% 45%
Thief 30% 45% 0% 30% 40% 90% 65% 90% 35%
Duelist 65% 45% 0% 50% 25% 85% 95% 70% 40%
Raider 60% 65% 0% 40% 40% 65% 60% 80% 25%

Personal Skill - Lethal Expertise: Mastery increases armor penetration